What is the state flower of Virginia?

Virginia’s history dates back to 1492 when Christopher Columbus made his first voyage to America. The name Virginia was given to the original Colony of Virginia and was derived from the Latin word "virga" meaning "rod", or "staff". Virginia's historical background is rich in architecture, music, dance and cuisine.

  • Virginia State Flower

Virginia is also known for its beautiful wildflowers. In spring and summer, the fields and woodland hillsides are filled with beautiful wild azalea, dogwood, and bluebells. Out of all the flowers of Virginia, dogwood is the most important.

Virginia State Flower - Dogwood Flower

The dogwood flower tree has been the symbol of Virginia since 1903. The flowering dogwood is a native shrub that grows in all the states, but it is most commonly found in the South. The state flower of Virginia is the dogwood and can be seen growing along highways and in yards across the state.

Dogwoods are native to North America, with an estimated 15 species growing throughout the U.S and Canada. The flowering dogwood of Virginia is a small deciduous tree that typically grows 15 to 20 feet tall. The dogwood blooms in early to mid-spring, and again in late spring or early summer when the leaves are fully expanded.

The dogwood is also known as Cornus Florida or C. alba. Its name comes from its resemblance to a small dachshund because of the long white bracts surrounding each petal which resemble legs. The colorful bracts may be white, red, pink, or yellow. The tiny flowers are a prominent part of the display and have a "clustered cross" shape that is especially notable in the red variety. The four petals commemorate the cross of the crucifixion, and the inner ring of large white and smaller yellow petals represents a crown of thorns. Each flower has up to five petals, which are each 1 to 2 inches long. Its leaves are a glossy green and grow to 5 inches long.

Dogwood Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The flowering dogwood symbolizes spring in the state of Virginia when the trees begin to blossom. As the blooms fall away and leaves emerge, white berries turn red and then fall to the ground. They are also a symbol of patriotism, courage, and victory.

Dogwood flowers come in a wide range of colors, but the three most common are white, pink, and red. These beautiful trees can be planted anywhere, even in a dark corner where they can make an impact with their vibrant colors. Bring a piece of Virginia's state flower to brighten up your home with Alexandria Florist

According to tradition, the meaning of various colors of dogwood differs depending on what they represent.

1.Red dogwoods represent love.

2.Pink dogwood flowers mean friendship.

3.White dogwood blossoms symbolize heaven.

4.Yellow dogwood flowers mean purity.

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