10 Most Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

Even your mother, who urges you not to get her anything, will appreciate a bunch of flowers, whether given in person or bought online. However, not all mothers have the same preferences. While some people enjoy typical rose bouquets, others want something a little different, or even something that isn't a floral arrangement at all (like a plant she can watch grow all year long).

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Fortunately, Florist Alexandria VA offers a wide range of choices, and we spent time sorting to find the best and the brightest — for all types of moms.


The official flower of Mother's Day has historically been carnations. A red or pink carnation is traditionally given to a mom whose own mother is still alive. Your mother will receive a white carnation if her mother has died. Giving her a carnation may bring back happy childhood memories for her.


Gladiolus stands out because the blooms of this flower are arranged vertically on a tall stem. The gorgeous gladiolus flower symbolises honour, devotion, and character. A gladiolus arrangement is the ideal method to express your admiration for your mother if you think of her in this regard.


Choose the full, luscious flowers of the hydrangea plant for a mother who has shown you endless love and support. Hydrangeas look best in blue and are fairly common and easily obtainable locally from any florist. You might also offer her a more exotic flower, such as a hot pink or variegated hydrangea.


Daisies are a good choice for a mom who is easygoing, kind, and uncomplicated. These gorgeous flowers are symbolic of innocence and sweetness. While picking, choose white daisies or a bright arrangement to brighten her day. You'll tell her how much you admire her for being such a beautiful woman.


Lilies are distinguished by their large petals and tall stamens. The range of colors is practically limitless. Mother's day flower Alexandria will offer enjoyment to your mother, whether it's a simple white lily, an orange tiger lily, or a bunch of colorful calla lilies.


A double-stemmed orchid is a genuinely one-of-a-kind bloom that will complement any well-designed home. These beautiful flowers are an excellent gift for a mother who likes exotic flowers.


What woman isn't enamoured by roses? Consider choosing a different color rose for your mother because red roses are frequently associated with passionate love. Yellow or orange vine roses convey your appreciation and delight in having her as your mom.


The waxy leaves and blooms of the anthurium make it a lovely flower. You can get your mother a potted anthurium plant, which she will enjoy right now and cherish for extended periods of time to come.


Lisianthus is the ideal homage for a mother who adores fragile, elegant, and fascinating flowers. Lisianthus flowers can be found in single hues, multicolored bouquets, or mixed bouquets.


With an arrangement of tulips in every hue of the rainbow, you may show your mum how much you care about her. They have a mild, fresh aroma that lasts longer than most flowers.

We're sure you're ecstatic about Mother's Day this year, cos you're looking for flowers, right? So, why not place an order for mother's day flower delivery Alexandria with a trusted florist? Just choose your arrangement and Foxglove Flowers will do the rest.

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