List of Wedding Flowers by Season

It can often be very confusing to decide what flowers would be available around your wedding date. Flowers that are an essential aspect of any wedding have to be on point. A smart way of using flowers effectively with not being heavy on pocket would be going for seasonal flowers. This is a great way to be cost-effective without compromising on the appearance and decor of the venue.

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Here is a list of some popular seasonal flowers from Foxglove flowers, best florist in Alexandria Virginia, for a wedding celebration -

Spring Flower

Ranunculus - This gorgeous flower contains large petals with silky textures. This flower is a popular pick for wedding bouquets and decor. Although its petals resemble rose petals in appearance, they are much more delicate and paper-thin. Despite their springtime bloom, they are inexpensive and easily available at best florist in Arlington VA and their color range makes them ideal for any season. These lovely flowers stand for attractiveness and sparkling charm.

Peonies - Peonies are adored by brides and are probably one of the most well-liked wedding flowers since forever. They make the most exquisite wedding flower bouquet with their fluffy, romantic shape and ruffled petals. They come in a huge variety of stunning hues, including different tones of pink and red along with bright white, cream, and yellow. Since peonies are usually expensive flower, combining them with other in-season blooms for your reception centerpieces and decor is a smart approach to be cost-conscious.

Summer Flower

Hydrangea - Everyones "must-have'' list includes these fluffy, full-bodied hydrangea blossoms since they are available in so many seamless and blendable single tones including blue, white, pink, purple, and green, as well as a wide range of multicolored, smoky vintage variety at wedding florist Alexandria VA. They are quite sturdy as well, which is very crucial in the summertime. This flower is not just beautiful but also has deep meaning. Hydrangeas symbolize sincerity, beauty, and elegance.

Sunflower - This traditional wildflower that resembles bright sun and energy will bring a splash of summer to any wedding occasion. Sunflowers start to bloom around July, and because of their abundant bloom, they are pretty inexpensive. Since sunflowers are believed to be a good luck charm, using these beautiful blooms during your summer wedding will ensure that your union is off to a happy and prosperous start.

Winter Flower

Anemone - In Greek mythology, this beautiful flower is believed to represent the love between Adonis and Aphrodite. These charming flowers are renowned for their soft petals and striking, dark centers. The most common anemone species has vibrant white petals and jet-black centers, making it the ideal choice if your wedding's colors are black and white or if a black-tie dress code is in effect. Anemones come in a wide range of hues besides black and white, such as blush pink, deep purple, cherry red, burgundy, and even vivid blue.

Winter Garden Rose - The most common wedding flower is the rose since it represents beauty and love. They are also an elegant and romantic choice in any season because they bloom all year long. Around December is usually when Winter Garden Roses blossom. This flower is not just beautiful on the outside but is also more fragrant than ordinary roses, garden roses are ideal for bridal wedding flower arrangements because you will be holding them close, enjoying their fragrance all day.

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