How to Decorate Your Home with Flowers for Christmas

One of the main attractions of Christmas is its decor, it is also the fun and exciting part. There are numerous ways and options that are available. It can sometimes be a little confusing, so now is the best time to start your prep.

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Here is a guide for you to be the best decor this christmas and impress all your guests with foxglove flowers -


Wreaths are these hollow circular arrangements made with flowers, stems, leaves that are traditionally hung on the main door of the house. You can get all different kinds of Wreaths, one that is predominantly green with leaves and a red bow on the top, this is the most commonly used kind of wreath. You can also go with something more Christmasy by adding ornaments, bows, candy cane and pine cones to it. You can also place wreaths over windows and in the kitchen. Putting up Wreaths is not just a decor item but rather they symbolize ‘being welcomed.’ You can get various different types of wreaths at the best florist in Arlington, VA made especially for you.

Table Centerpiece

Another way to add flowers to your house this season is to go with centerpieces for your table. You can go with a bunch of different stuff only from the best florist in Alexandria VA. You can get your hands on flowers that stay upright in a vase or you can go with flower arrangements that are placed horizontally over the table. Another thing you can do to make it look ever classier is to add candles. You can add candles as per your flower color theme, white, red, orange candles will be a great choice.


One thing that is sometimes left alone and neglected while the whole house has been decorated, is the staircase. You can go with a full on well decorated staircase where the whole railing is covered with flowers. A common christmas flower decoration for the staircase is to put a long rail of green leaves with holly, red asiatic lilies and roses. Apart from flowers you can add star lanterns, lights and ornaments for an added effect.

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House Plants

You can go ahead, put all the other decorations to the side and take up an eco-friendly route to decorate this holiday season. You get traditional house plants of different kinds to put around the house. For Christmas special ones you can go with Poinsettia, which has bright red leaves. This is one of the best Christmas flowers out there. You can also go with Amaryllis, this too has red petals and does well in winters. You can get white flowering petal flowers like paperwhites which can be placed in the kitchen and bedrooms. Another great thing about these Christmas flower arrangements is that they are widely available and easy to find.


this is another place that can be used during the holiday time, people put up stockings, wreaths and other decor pieces over the fireplace to highlight the coming of Santa claus. People generally use cedar leaves to decorate things. And you can add your own touch to it by putting photo frames, ornaments, flowers, candles, and bells.

You can always be creative when it comes to decorations and go by a theme. What you can also do is go by a theme, color or aesthetic and plan a mood board to help you navigate through it. What makes this whole process easy is getting christmas flower delivery in Alexandria VA.

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