Facts You Didn't Know About Lilies

When you hear of this flower lily what comes to your mind? Well Lilies belong to the family of Lilium, and they have a trumpet like shape. With different types of Lilies there are slight shape and color differences. These are fairly big in size, and have around six petals arranged around the center.

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A special feature of these flowers is that the petals on this bent outwards, this gives the flowers its popular shape. Lilies look amazing and are very graceful making if you are planning to get fresh flowers for any occasion get these via flower delivery in Annandale, VA. There is always more to flowers than their appearance.

Fun facts about lilies

1.Lilies can be seen all over the world but they are native to the northern hemisphere and also naturally found in other parts of the world like Asia, Europe, and North America.

2. Commonly found lilly types are Oriental lilies, Stargazer Lilies, Asiatic lilies and Easter Lily.

3. Another Interesting lily flower fact is that The largest lily in the world is known as Rafflesia Arnoldii. This can can weigh up to 15 pounds and is observed to grow up to three feet.

4. Like many other flowers, Lily also has some medical benefits and since its bulb is edible it has been used in Chinese cuisine for years now.

5. Apart from being used in delicacies, Lilium was also used to heal the body from ulcers, colds and burns.

6. One of the most loved lily types which is known as the Stargazer lily was first grown in 1947 in the state of California.

7. These are among the oldest flowers to be grown in the world and it dates back to the 2nd millennium.

8. Lilies are rich in history and have religious and cultural significance. Like Easter lilies are known as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

9. In Greek Mythology this flower was associated with Hera, the wife of Zeus, the god of Sky and thunder.

Out of all these things you didn't know about flowers, the most fascinating one is the meaning of lilies flower. They look great and they generally symbolize innocence and purity but with every single color the meaning tends to change. Since the meaning is so diverse lily flowers are a great pick for every occasion and you can easily get them with lilies flower delivery.

Lily colors and what they mean

Pink Lilies symbolize prosperity, abundance, femininity and admiration.

Red Lilies represent passion and love.

Yellow Lilies symbolize joy, friendship, thankfulness and desire for enjoyment.

White Lilies are a symbol of peace, innocence and purity and are often used on religious events like Easter.

Orange Lilies are a warm fiery color and for lilies it symbolizes pride, confidence and wealth.

Since lilies are so special, getting them for notable events is always a smart choice. They are often seen at anniversaries, formal events, weddings and also as a sympathy flower. You can get them easily from Foxglove Flowers LLC with Alexandria VA flower delivery service as they grow all year round.

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