7 Best flower bouquets to celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship is a precious bond, with strangers you meet while about your life. People who become more than family, which become part of everything that is good or bad in your life. To celebrate this bond of purity and love comes friendship day every year on 30th July.

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For friends that have been with you through thick and thin express your gratitude towards them this season. This is also a great day to begin new friendships, it can also be a formal event with your work colleagues.

List of the best flower bouquets for your friends:

Number 7

Well beginning with a grand bouquet for this friendship day you can go for a pink theme bouquet. The color pink has calming properties with a hint of brightness. You can choose the flowers like stargazer lilies since it's not a true pink but a two tone mix with brown and black spots. Pink stargazer lilies, pink roses, lavender spider mums, you can also add white ones, closed green lilies, green hydrangeas, and green stock.

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Number 6

Next up we have a rust and orange theme bouquet, for summer these colors are just wonderful. To create this lovely bouquet you would need some special flowers for friends like orange gerbera daisies, orange roses, rust colored lilies, you can also add Dahlias since they are available in summer. To balance it out you would need white hydrangeas, white alstroemeria and some berry stock.

Number 5

A bouquet for friendship must have yellow roses, since this is the friendship flower color. Yellow roses along with white roses and green foliage. You can also go with a bed of white hydrangea with orange and yellow roses, green spider mums and Hypericum Berries in green. This flower arrangement has flowers that mean friendship which are yellow roses.

Number 4

A radiant bouquet with purple themed flowers for a person you love luxuries since purple is a royal color and signifies wealth and luxuries. Purple color looks and feels great, You can bring along luxurious friendship gifts along with this bouquet that has purple spider mums, purple gerberas, orange roses, lime green hydrangeas. This bouquet is a great pick and has a unique color combination.  Get your from the best florist in Arlington, VA.

Number 3

Since Friendship is best represented with roses, you can go with a rose bouquet. In this bouquet you will find lavender roses, pink roses, cherry parfait roses which have an outer lining of red and white petals. Make sure to have a mix of sizes, white hydrangeas, and green leaves .

Number 2

This colorful bunch of flowers is just amazing. You can go with this bouquet if you wanna do something extraordinary. You can go with this flower like sunflowers, ivory and orange roses, anemones, yarrow, Hydrangeas and hyperpium berries.

Number 1

A simple yet elegant bouquet you can go with is a bouquet full of yellow roses, orange roses and hot pink gerbera daisies. Arrange this in a glass vase for a complete look.

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